Monday, November 12, 2012

Thank you, me.

We've spent the weekend with some friends in a house in the mountains. It was a long weekend, tiring for me because Oath's routine is changing and I still do not know it, and because Partner was the host and was not able to help me much. Plus, we hardly had any sleep.
But we had fun, we laughed, we breathed pure mountain air... and it snowed.

For me, snow is such an unusual thing that I get all giddy when I see snowflakes falling from the sky. Is like something that only happens in tales and movies. I laughed and took photos and went outside with the kid, who did not like how snow tasted (his face clearly read "This is too cold mommy! YUCK").
This, clearly, was too much, and we ended up exhausted. As in "I'll cry my lungs off all the way back home" kind of exhausted, for the kid, and the "I just want the kid to stop crying so I can fall asleep on my feet" kind of exhausted for Partner and me.

We got home at about 8pm, with a still-screaming baby in need of a bath and our luggage in tow. For all the tiredness, I was dreading that moment: I was dreading the mess waiting behind the door, and the extra mess we would create in a second. I was about to start twitching from the anticipation when I looked around and saw nothing.
No dirty dishes anywhere, no unmade beds, no stray clothes laying anywhere. Nothing. No mess at all. And then I remembered: I had spend Friday's morning running around the house doing everything I had to do on Friday plus all that I wouldn't be able to do on the weekend. Generally, this kind of cleaning ahead does not work for us, but this time... Oh, this time! It totally paid off! We were able to get home, bath the kid, eat some dinner (I don't really remember what, but I know we ate), and go to sleep in a spotless bed.

I loved it.

So, thank you, me, for cleaning ahead and letting me relax when I needed most.

Oath's Mom

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  1. Way to go! I've managed one time I think to clean our house prior to leaving on a trip and it is truly a wonderful feeling to come home to a clean house.


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