Monday, July 29, 2013

Seasons of change

July is about to end, which means that here we've just navigated through half this season. Not the astronomical season, and not the meteorological season either (we've had one week of real summer weather so far, it's driving me mad!), but what I always considered summer: the two whole school free months. They are supposed to be the months of relax, calm and fun. No obligations (well, not many) and lots of opportunities. But this year is kicking my ass really hard, and this July has been the month of stress, anxiety and changes. Things do not look much calmer for August, and September...

Next September things are going to change a lot around here, both because of going back to the usual parts of our routine (housekeeping, university...) and because of new things that we will have to make a place and time for (job hunting, Oath starting daycare, English tests, competitive examinations...). I am feeling so stressed just thinking about all I'll have to do in so little time, and I know that I tend to unconsciously hide my anxiety, even from myself, so seeing I am stressed means it can easily get out of control. And nobody wants an out of control stressed OM, hmm?

So, I've decided to start working on it now. How? Timetables, plans, schedules. On one hand, planning helps me relax; on the other, if I manage to get our lives into some sort of routine now, then I'll only have to manage it.
Without further ado, then, I present you OM's Summer Schedule:

Click to enlarge.

Now I only need to learn how to stick to it!

Oath's Mom

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  1. Your schedule looks great! That is the one thing about school starting back for my boys that I am excited about. It will force us to have a bit more of a schedule. We've been schedule free all summer despite my best intentions at the start.


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