Monday, August 13, 2012

A vacation update

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Now that Oath is sleeping in my arms I'll (hopefully!) have enough time to update.

We have been having fun with friends, visiting family and going to the beach, mostly. My mom and sisters are moving next month (back to the tiny flat I grew in) and now they are packing and thinking of storage solutions, and I try to help as much as possible: it's my opportunity to start organizing from a nearly blank slate! I've also been given free way to design and paint the walls there, so maybe something interesting will happen before the end of the month... if Oath lets me.

He has become the most fun, giggly an demanding little man. With so many people around talking and playing with him, he seems to have grown up months instead of weeks. He is also developing a deep pleasure for biting, and I so hope that it's not because of his teeth (2 and a half months is too early to be teething!). He loves to be held, and is starting to wake up a little earlier than usual, so I am exhausted. I'm so thankful I have four sets of helping hands here!

Blogwise, I haven't written much (didn't you notice? *wink wink*) but I've been thinking about it a lot. I have new ideas for blog posts and plan on fully start back blogging as soon as I can (right now our schedule is to hectic, and when Oath finally falls asleep at the end of the day I am too braindead to write anything coherent). I'm also seriously thinking of meal planning with/for my mom, so maybe there'll be a new menu plan posted soon (but probably not on monday, though).
Also, I keep in mind Jean's comment and nomination (thank you very much!!) and I'll do the mandatory blog post when I am sure it won't be a half-assed one because of lack of time. Pinkie promise.

I'm leaving now: Oath is stirring and trying to claw his face off in his sleep (it doesn't matter how often I cut his nails, they grow so fast!)

Please forgive any mistakes in this post, writing one-handed is not my best skill.

Oath's Mom

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  1. Aw, enjoy your family and your fun, giggly baby!


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