Friday, August 3, 2012

Just a quick update

We arrived safe and sound to the island that I still call home.

Oath did great on the plane, and did not cry or fuss at all. Airports did not phase him, either.

On the other hand, the heat is proving to be more difficult to manage for him, poor baby. While I don't think it is that hot, I can see how his tiny body might be overloaded by it, not having ever experienced it before. He fusses and cries and wants to nurse all time, and asks to be held but does not want me too close after a few seconds... I think he will adapt soon, though, but these first days have been difficult. At least he's sleeping well and all my family is fighting over who gets to hold him, so it's not as hard on me as it could be.

I'll do a better update as soon as we're a bit more settled into our vacation routine.

Oath's Mom

PS: I just want to note how different the feelings are when it is "my tribe" who takes my baby from my arms. And that they ask first, even though they are closest and maybe I wouldn't need it so much. Oh, well...

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  1. So glad you arrived safely! It's always different when it's your side. I hope you enjoy your vacation!


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