Friday, September 7, 2012


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Because I needed something else to occupy my time on (no, not really), I've started a new hobby: crochet.

It all started on our vacation, when I saw my grandma crocheting some can tabs purses that looked so great I wanted to try. Grandma, in between some laughing at my sudden and voracious interest, taught me, and now I'm hooked (ha! see what I did there? "Hooked"! Bad pun, I know).

I tried to get my hands on some of my great-grand aunt's hooks, but all we found were very thin, for making intricate lace doilies... and I'm not ready for that yet. I took them with me, though: I like to have some family mementos (specially if they are useful, too!), and that great-grand aunt is nearly 103 years old already! I will miss her when she's gone, and it'll be nice to have something tangible to remember her by.

Anyway, back to crochet.

 As soon as we got home and I got our daily routine mostly going (more about our back-from-vacation routine in another post), I went to buy some more hooks and yarn with a big project on my mind: cute hats for Oath. Because I have no baby winter hats, and I am afraid that when I get the hand-me-downs from Oath's cousin they will be all baby blue and frilly, lacy and such, and I want no more baby blue, frills or lacy clothing home.

The first one on the list? A frog beanie. I have one eye and most of the beanie already crocheted (though I messed up and it looks a bit weird, but hey! it's my first hat ever, it couldn't be perfect, could it?), I hope to have it finished by this weekend.

Go cute hats, go!

(Wish me luck!)

 Oath's Mom

PD: I should start using my own photos, I know.

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