Sunday, December 23, 2012

No menu plan for Christmas

Not a real one, at least.

I've been having some busy weeks (and still haven't done much Christmas shopping... I fail completely at this. I am thankful Oath is young enough that he won't notice it much this year.) with all the studying and preparing of presentations. Oath has been cranky all week, too (he's got his first tooth! I'd be cranky too.), so everything in the house has been put on hold, so it is a huge mess. It would be after the holidays, anyway (we're going home again to spend the new year with my family), so I don't mind much. I'll survive. We will survive.

And I'll get to start again (again!) when I come back mid-January.

Monday 24
  • Lunch: Pasta & tuna. Fast and easy!
  • Dinner: At my in-law's. I've heard something about sirloin... pity I don't really like meat.
Tuesday 25
  • Lunch: At my in-law's again. Some kind of chicken stew. I'm in for a difficult Christmas food-wise, it seems.
  • Dinner: Sandwiches (probably I'll be cooking just for myself, we'll see)
Wednesday 26
  • Lunch: Green beans with prosciutto.
  • Dinner: Soup
Thursday 27
  • Lunch: Probably eating at the airport, or maybe not eating at all (I know how traveling alone with Oath is, and he does not make it easy!)
  • Dinner: I'll be home! I don't know what will we eat, but mom will cook, and that is always nice.

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