Monday, December 31, 2012

Eaten on the middle of December

This week I am, still, home with my side of the family. They take turns in snuggling Oath and I found myself with surprisingly free hands. I can write! And just rest on the couch for a while... I love my mom's couch. It's big enough for the five of us (mom, my two sisters, Oath and me) and I have lots of great memories here. I'll cherish it as much as I can for as long as I am here.

But today is Monday, and Monday (usually, in my head) means menu planning. But there's no menu to plan, as my mom does not like it. So, have some photos of what I ate in the last week I properly meal planned. I had intended to publish them somewhere in December, but I forgot, and then came Christmas, and then... You know how life is, it keeps happening!

This was some honey-glazed, cheese filled, bacon wrapped chicken breast that Partner loved and I... well, I expected it'd be better, so I was kind of disappointed. It was great, though. And the sauce went great with the salad!

And this non-photogenic thing is one of my better tasting meals: the fish with caramelized onions. This photo doesn't do it justice!

And last, the super easy and super filling puff-pastry ham and cheese rolls! I love how this one started unfolding while in the oven and looks a bit like it's inviting you to eat it.

Oath's Mom

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