Tuesday, January 1, 2013

On to 2013

We have a tradition of eating twelve grapes, one with each ring of the midnight bells, on the last night of the year. Years ago, somebody told me that if you wished something different with each grape, and you managed to eat them all without choking (not a small feat), they would become true during the new year. I've been perfecting my grape-eating technique for years, and many of the things I wished for came true, so this year I hope I can end up with twelve wishes granted.
This past year has been both difficult and amazing, and I feel it has put me in a path of life that can lead me somewhere great. There are lots of things I have to change, though, and also I like to indulge my planner side. So, my wishes have been:

  1. Get the house company ready. One room a month (so I get two tries for each room, in case the first time around does not go well!), so I can go slow and keep up with everything, but not so slow I am tempted to stop. I'll have to plan it so the living room is ready for Oath to start moving on his own... pity that I do not know when that will happen.
  2. Re-design the blog. I have ideas to make it a bit more personal, and I need to dust my Photoshop skills so they do not rot more than they already have. Time to bring out the graphic tablet and get the creative juices flowing!
  3. Keep the blog running and post more often. Specially post more often (that will keep the blog running, won't it?).
  4. Start working out some. I am actually not looking forward to this one: I am a couch potato, and now with Oath I am doing more exercise than ever, but my body seems to be getting weaker. I carry 10 kilos (that's the baby) around all day every day, but the only thing I get out of it is tiredness. Maybe (hopefully!) some exercise routine will help.
  5. Do more activities with Oath. I have to use my degree! I feel like I am not doing enough for my son, and that I am letting him watch Pocoyo a bit too much. True, it's the only way that I can do anything (make the bed, cook dinner, go to the bathroom...), but I have to wean him from it. I know plenty of things to do with babies, I just have to get around to doing them with my own baby (which is harder than it sounds).
  6. Crochet! As in, crochet a lot. I'd like to finish, say, 12 projects. One of them, a big king-sized blanket for our bed. I love the feeling of a heavy blanked over me when I sleep, but I have none now. It can even be my next years Christmas present!
  7. Get out of the house more often. Another one my couch potato self does not look forward to, but I need it. Maybe I can start just opening the windows and imagining I am outside instead of actually doing it... (kidding!)
  8. Write some stories for Oath. I love writing, I love Oath, I love telling stories. How nice would it be if I managed to create (and illustrate, while I'm at it) some special stories for him? Maybe I can even do it during NaNoWriMo. Which leads me to...
  9. Finish the *¡#$∞% NaNoWriMo story. I know it has potential, but it just does not want to flow. I must write it, it is personal now.
  10. Take photos. Maybe try a 365 challenge again: last year I did not get much farther than 10 days, which is a complete fail I need to erase from my list. I have not brought my camera with me to my mother's house, but I have my sister's ready, so I can start already with this one.
  11. Get a solid cleaning routine going. I nearly had it this year, but lost it towards the end. I have to try it again. And succeed.
  12. Plant the plants. I have had those seed packets for a while now, and the dream of having fresh herbs for way longer, it is time I do something about it. I know that starting them from seed it's not the easiest way, but at least I have to try.

Be prepared to read my giving in to my planner side, because I feel it stirring inside. Maybe this year my do-er side will kick into action too!

Of course, I also wish this year is filled with love and joy and good things, that goes without saying!

How about you? What do you wish your new year to bring?

Oath's Mom

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  1. I just learned of the grape eating custom this past (2012) year and so we all ate our 12 grapes at midnight! I understood it that each sweet grape represented a "sweet" month in the new year and each sour grape a not so good month. Thank goodness, it wasn't a batch of grapes like the ones I have in my fridge right now. The boys seemed to love it and I think we now have a new tradition. I love the wishes part as well.


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