Sunday, January 20, 2013

I've been a busy bee (10 things...)

By looking at my blog you probably can't tell I've spent the last 20 days glued to my computer, but I have. It turned out that one of my exams, that I thought was on the 21st, was on the 14th, so I had to re-do all my studying schedule and it became hectic. Maybe I am getting too old for this, or maybe Oath is stealing all my attention, because studying gets harder and harder. It's like my brain can't juggle it all.
Anyway, the exams are all done now and I can focus on Oath. These weeks haven't been how I'd have liked to start the year. I have done nothing to start on my twelve new year resolutions, but I'm not going to give up: I'll start tomorrow (it's easier for me to start on a Monday. Does it happen to you too?) and to make up for it, here are 10 things I intend to do before the end of January:

  1. Start a treasure basket for Oath.
  2. Do all the laundry and get my laundry routine back. It's been quite random lately, so this is definitely needed.
  3. Take 10 photos worth posting on this blog.
  4. Post said photos here. My blog is sad without photos!
  5. Show you my January crochet.
  6. Go to the post office to send two parcels.
  7. Look through Oath's clothes and store the ones that no longer fit.
  8. Prepare and do a presentation (the last thing left to end my exam period, though not exactly an exam)
  9.  Draw a city map for a friend, or at least start working on it.
  10. Get my February attack plan ready!

Not my usual "10 things..." list, I know, but hey, my brain-well of ideas is quite dried-up!

I hope you all have had a better start of the year.

Oath's Mom

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