Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My January plan

I've started the year in a pretty organized way, or I like to think so. I'll post about it in the wrong order, though, sharing my January plan first and then, soon, my yearly plan. Which is kind of going backwards, but anyway.

January had to be (and, thankfully, has been) the month dedicated to studying and organizing my student life. This included studying for my January exams (I did the last presentation today, and already have my grades! The teachers have been fast) and organizing my studying station, which is mainly my computer.
So, let's imagine it's the beginning of January, and sharing this makes sense.

The facts:
  • I have four deadlines: an exam on the 14th (subject A), another exam and an essay due date the 17th (subject B), and a presentation the 23rd (also subject B).
  • It might not seem much, but I have a kid who demands all my time and attention, plus the Three Wise Men and all the presents (we don't do Christmas, the gift giving is on January the 5th), plus visiting family and only coming back home the 11th... I do not have much time.
  • I haven't been able to go to class at all this semester (I know, shame on me, but see the bullet point above)
  • My documents folder is a mess, which doesn't bother me much except for the fact that I am having a hard time finding my notes and important documents for studying.
The plan:
  • Find or re-download, read and organize all the materials for both A and B.
  • Then, study one subject every day, alternating until the 10th.
  • Study subject A until the 14, while organizing all the materials needed for B's essay.
  • From the 14th to the 17th, get all stressed out studying for B and actually writing the essay.
  • Take the 18th as a free day. Breath deep, resist the urge to cry. Also, sleep a lot.
  • 19th to 22nd, prepare the presentation.
  • Morning of the 23rd: do the presentation. Afternoon and evening: breathe deep again.
  • Then, time to start with the computer organization by:
    • Organizing the Documents folder and all it's subfolders (specially the Studies one)
    • Organizing the Downloads folder. This one it's the one that gets worse.
    • Organizing the Documents folder again, because I know how I am and it will have been turned upside-down this fast.
    • If there's time, start with the Images folder.
  • Review the plan, see what worked and what went wrong. Post it to keep accountable.  

Until now it has worked well, we'll see how the actual organizing goes! I have done it before and have a pretty reliable course of action, but it has gotten out of control lately and it kind of scares me. Am I the only one with a terrible computer organization? Tell me I'm not, please...

Oath's Mom

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