Saturday, April 13, 2013

April Plan

April's "Ready... Steady... Clean!" project at

Nearly half a month late, my Ready, steady, clean! 2013 plan comes again. This time I have an excuse, as I've been out of home until some years ago, but this is not excuse enough to completely give up. Oh, no: if I've learned one thing from having a child is that giving up is not an option. So there we go!

April is the kitchen month. I've been looking forward to it, because there are so many things that can be done! So many cabinets in need of a serious organizations, and so many drawers that can turn into quick and satisfying projects.
Now, I can fail very easily: less than 20 days to do it, with my exams coming up on May... it will be easy to get distracted from this plan. But now that I enjoy being in the kitchen, that I can bake again, I want it done. So it means I'll have to do it.

The facts:
  • Even though some years ago I wouldn't have believed it, I love being in the kitchen: cooking, baking, snacking...
  • A little organization would make my cook like easier...
  • there is hardly any organization right now!

The plan:
  • Tackle the bags drawer. Get rid of the ones that can't be reused and fold the other ones, so that they aren't trying to take over the whole kitchen. Restrain those bags, ma'am!
  • Clean the cutlery drawer. It is the most organized part of the kitchen, so it might not need much more.
  • Put some kind of order in the mixer and the bowls drawers.
  • Organize and clean the plastic containers + mixing bowls + baking pans + everything else that fits here big drawers.
  • Same for the tiny cutting boards and wrappers drawer.
  • Clean the pots and pans drawers.
  • Brave the fridge! Get rid of leftovers and food past its date (if any), clean, reorganize.
  • Organize under the sink cabinet. If at all possible, replace chemicals with homemade cleaners.
  • Buy/find some alphabet magnets Oath can play with. My mom has some in his kitchen and he loved them!
  • Review the plans, see what worked and what didn't. Post. 
I know it isn't much, but I think it is enough to make a difference (while still being manageable). I'm letting all the pantry cabinets alone for now, and the dishes and glasses ones too, as we (somehow) manage to keep them pretty nice.

Wish me luck!

Oath's mom


  1. This sounds like a project I need to work on as well! How is it going for you? I have been cleaning the fridge out once a week and find that does help quite a bit.

    1. It went quite well, I think... I managed to clean and organize most drawers, though not the fridge. I might need to start cleaning it once a week, like you, so organizing and deep cleaning it are easier!


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