Friday, April 12, 2013

March evaluation

March's "Ready... Steady... Clean!" evaluation at

Now that I am back home, as I told you yesterday, it is time for last month's evaluation. It is late, you say? Very late indeed, but life was busy and time was short, so it had to wait.

On to the evaluation, then!

This was the living room month, and it was scary, both before starting and during. And now that's it's finished, even, I must say. It was well timed because this month Oath has turned fully mobile, and even though he's not actually walking yet, he just does not stop trying. Even if I hadn't planned to baby-proof the living room this month, I would have had to!

But, apart from that, what else did I do?

  • Organize the cabinet. Done!
  • Organize the table end where our printer, modem and some office supplies live. Not done, at all! My excuse? Partner has been working a lot on this space, and it was in constant use (lame excuse, I know, I know).
  • Get rid of the random stuff behind the big couch, so the mat can be properly stored there when not in use. Partially done. Even though the mat can be stored there now without any problem... I must admit I haven't thrown away or relocated what was (and is) behind the couch. Why? I have nowhere to put it and I do not dare to trash it!
  • Organize the small shelves and my university items (bags, books, odds and ends) corner. Done! Not that it isn't falling into disarray again...
  • Move the small sofa and rescue all the toys that rolled beneath it. I'm sure there will be a handful waiting patiently to be found! Done! Curiously, there weren't as many toys as I thought there would be... but let's not talk about the dust bunnies.
  • Turn the wine shelves into toy shelves. Move the wine into the bar-cabinet or down into the storage room. We don't drink wine, anyway, so we do not need it here. Partially done. They are now wine and toy shelves (wine on top, far away from little hands reach; toys on bottom, where Oath can go and help himself)
  • Organize the TV thingie, being careful not to leave anything dangerous within Oath's reach. Partially done, I suppose? No organization here, but relocation of several non-baby-safe items happened.
  • Empty the chair corner and put the chair back on its spot by the table. Done. Except for moving the chair back to where it belongs. I must get up and do it now.
    • Then, buy the extra chairs we need and move the mismatched ones to the storage room.
  • Baby-proof everything! Drawers, corners, sockets... We've already started on this one, so I am one step ahead. Yay! Done!
  • Take care of the plants. Get rid of the dead ones, replant some, clean the ledge... Done! I posted about part of it here, and will post more soon!
  • Review the plans, see what worked and what didn't. Post. Doing it!

It feels like I did less that I should have and, to be honest, I think the feeling is closer to the truth than the list is. While writing the list I was thinking I had actually done something but... no. It's not true. The days I spent with my family were many, and very nice, but they didn't help me get all of this accomplished.
I'll give myself a 5/10, right on the border of pass and fail. I hope April is better, though it hasn't been off to a good start either!

What did you this month?

Oath's mom

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