Saturday, March 2, 2013

March plan

Today is already March 2, so I am a bit late for the next installment of my Ready, steady, clean! 2013 plan. But better late than never, right?

This is going to be the living room month, and -I must admit it- it scares me. Quite a lot, in fact. Our living room is also our dining room, and so it turns into the most used space of the house. We spend all our awake time here, except potty and cooking breaks (and some cleaning that has to be spent elsewhere, of course), so there's always something going on. It might be me with a crochet project (I still haven't learned to put them away between each crocheting session), Partner working on his computer, Oath playing on the mat we have specially for him (so he doesn't bump his head too hard when he, inevitably, tries to stand unassisted and falls), TV watching... or everything at the same time! I know it is difficult to clean something we're using, and let's not talk about organizing.

But it must be done, and this is the month. Wish me luck! (I'll need it!)

The facts:
  • The living room is a mess because it is the most used room and there's always someone there, except while we sleep (and, sometimes, even then!)
  • It is, also, where we settle when we have guests, so it is the room other people see most... and they judge our house for it.
  • There are way too many things there, but since they're not mine, I can't purge them. Organization it must be, then.
  • I do not like the TV stand/cabinet/thingie, but it must stay. I hope to like it a bit more if it stays organized. (I do not have high hopes, though.)

The plan:
  • Organize the cabinet.
  • Organize the table end where our printer, modem and some office supplies live.
  • Get rid of the random stuff behind the big couch, so the mat can be properly stored there when not in use.
  • Organize the small shelves and my university items (bags, books, odds and ends) corner.
  • Move the small sofa and rescue all the toys that rolled beneath it. I'm sure there will be a handful waiting patiently to be found!
  • Turn the wine shelves into toy shelves. Move the wine into the bar-cabinet or down into the storage room. We don't drink wine, anyway, so we do not need it here.
  • Organize the TV thingie, being careful not to leave anything dangerous within Oath's reach.
  • Empty the chair corner and put the chair back on its spot by the table.
    • Then, buy the extra chairs we need and move the mismatched ones to the storage room.
  • Baby-proof everything! Drawers, corners, sockets... We've already started on this one, so I am one step ahead. Yay!
  • Take care of the plants. Get rid of the dead ones, replant some, clean the ledge...
  • Review the plans, see what worked and what didn't. Post. 

I think all of this will be too much, but all that gets done will take me a step closer to having a living room I can like... and a living room I like is something I need in this period of life I am in.

What about you? Is there any room that you could like a bit more in your home?

Oath's mom


  1. Awesome...I hope you accomplish this to the best you can. Blessings.

    1. Thank you ^_^ I hope I accomplish it too ;)

  2. I plan to focus on accomplishing a few things that I keep procratinating. One room I plan to do is our Master Bath.

    1. Good luck with it! I find that bathrooms are what makes me procrastinate the most...


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