Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My weight gain journey: How? A plan

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After pinpointing the need of doing something to gain weight, and analyzing why was I stuck in such a rut, came the moment I feared the most: how would I do it?

I needed to add calories to my already calorie-laden days, but did not want to do it by eating junk food. What was point of trying to get to a healthier weight by eating unhealthy food? The solution has been to increase the number of meals: from three (lunch, dinner and late night snack) to five (breakfast, lunch, mid-afternoon snack, dinner and late night snack). I have to admit that my breakfast is eaten late, more about the time of a mid-morning snack, or maybe an early lunch, because if I eat right as I get up I get sick, but it counts as a meal anyway.

This way, I can easily add around 800 calories more to my day. And surely 800 calories have to make a difference, right?

It's difficult, because I often forget to eat and revert to my old habits, but I'd say I'm doing well. Now I only have to wait and see what the scale says. Will something so easy work? Or will I need more help than that?

ETA: Also, I need to make sure I do not stop eating when I get angry/upset/too tired... as I'm known to do. This will be the most difficult thing, I know.

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