Thursday, March 21, 2013


Spring is here!

A little, sleepy-looking, flower.
The other day we went to my in-law's and the weather was just gorgeous. The air was a crisp and clean, and a few lazy clouds were here and there. It was late afternoon, so the Sun was starting to get low and the sky was turning an amazing array of golden, orange and yellow hues. I tried to capture it but, as it always happens when I try to take wide, landscape shots, the camera did the world no justice. There's only one that captures mildly what it looked like:

Warm, peachy light.

But oh, was the light gorgeous for taking photos of any other thing! It was, indeed, the "golden hour", which it's seldom seen in winter around here (cloudy skies do not make for good golden hours). But it is spring now, so it should happen more often!
I took some pretty good shots of my nephew that will soon be printed and gifted to my brother in law and his wife. He's blond, and the few locks of hair you could see under the jacket hood turned out so shiny and golden! I would have loved to photograph Oath, too, but he was exhausted after a crawling marathon and was taking a nap. 
Instead, when the nephew got tired of me and my camera, I settled for taking photos of the dogs (who weren't keen on posing, either, so none turned out post-worthy, even if the colors and light were great) and plants.

Don't you love the little hearts?
Pity of the plant photobomb, because this green is the stuff Spring is made of!

I am in love with green, right now. I missed it so much that I was craving it, and now it's popping everywhere!

Happy Spring to you all, I hope you enjoy it as much as I will.

Oath's Mom


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