Friday, March 15, 2013

Snap! went the hook

Last Wednesday was a strange day, both good (very good!) and bad (ugh-worthy bad). So many things happened on both categories, that I don't know what to consider the day itself, as a whole. Was it a good day? Uhmm... A bad day? Ehhh... Crochet-wise, though, it was mostly a bad-bad day.


For some days, I had been working on a handful of granny squares (my first granny squares!) and I was pretty excited about them and, specially, what I was going to do with them. Here, have a look:

I grew rather fond of the curly corners.

Love the color combo, inspired by my daily planner bookmark.

Already in it's place... or not?

Every day before bed there was a bit of crochet, to unwind and relax. It was good. And I had gotten to the point where I could start joining them! The joy, the excitement! So, Wednesday morning, I did. They are meant to be two identical things, each made of 6 single granny squares, so I joined 6 of them into something... that turned out to be too big. Like twice as big as it should. Ugh. It would not work at all. Bad crochet, bad (or, rather, bad sizing skills, OM, bad!)

Even though can't really see it here...
...I could fit both feet in one!

Then we went out to do some errands (although the first, and probably only and last, snow of the season covered a good three inches everywhere. That was the best bit of the day!) and when we got back home I was so tired that I decided the cleaning should wait, and I might as well finish the granny squares and see what could be done to size the slippers down. I hadn't even finished one round when, suddenly, SNAP! My hook broke in half.

Snappity snap!

True, it wasn't a good hook (it was very cheap) but really? Hrrmf. Now I've been forced to continue working on the squares (because damn if I'll give up!) with the smallest part of the hook, because it doesn't want to be glued together again and I do not dare use a bigger hook in my efforts to size them down.


This probably means I should invest in better (colorful!) new hooks.

Have you ever had a hook broke on you in the middle of a project?

Oath's mom


  1. Bad and good things...if you want to see the positive meaning, it's a really balance day, 50% bad 50% good ;)

    Have a great weekend!


    Lluisa x

    1. Yes, it could have been worse! The hook snapping was the straw that broke the camel's back, though, and I was grumpy for hours after. But bad things need to happen, we can't have it all good, can we?



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