Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Green growth

Do you remember that I planted some seeds, what, more than two months ago? After a few weeks, the pots I so much hoped would be green and pretty looked bare with just the dark dirt there.

But I had so much hope! I tried not to water them too much or not enough, keeping them where light would be plenty but the Sun wouldn't scorch them. I kept watch on the other side of the window, sending growing thoughts. And then I left to spend some days back at my mom's, and I lost hope. They would never sprout! The pots would be dry and barren forever...
I didn't even ask Partner to water them while I was gone.

But you know what? Nature had it's own plans, and when I was away Partner sent me a photo of tiny green leaves with this caption:

"Your plants are alive!"

I spent a day smiling because of it. If that isn't the stupidest thing you've heard today... but I was so happy! I don't really know why I am so tied to these plants, but they make me happy (or sad). It somehow feels like I am their mom, or something...
Anyway, back on track.

When I came back home, I ran to the window and did a little dance before taking some photos:

On the next few weeks, the parsley kept growing and growing and growing and... creating a little parsley-jungle in that pot. Today it is still going strong, and I have to fight the urges to start using it already. Just a few more weeks, and then off to the kitchen with the parsley!

This is from a month ago. Now it is huge!

But the basil...

There seems to be a curse on my basil. Or maybe it just is a really fickle plant, I don't know, but only a handful of seeds sprouted, and the little buds never grew more than half a cm (half a cm! that's tiny!) before wilting and drying up. I don't know why it is dying, and Google does not help: too much water? not enough? too much light? is the sun burning them? is it too cold outside?

But I am not giving up, oh no (and even less now that I have tomatoes, too! Basil and tomatoes -and mozzarella- go so well together...). Last week I planted some basil seeds again, and if they go wrong too I'll take the pot inside and try yet again. One thing at a time.

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