Friday, May 3, 2013

May plan

I'm going a bit out of order here, as I haven't done my kitchen month evaluation yet, but I hope you'll forgive me. I'll tell you, though, that I'm quite sure I succeeded, and that there's some photos this time (not amazing photos, mind you: my pots and pans drawer isn't a beauty...)!
In this new Ready, steady, clean! 2013 plan installment I am supposed to tackle the master bedroom (which is, to be honest, the only real bedroom as of now). I've been itching to put away the winter clothes and get out the summer ones, but have been postponing it until this month, so I am so glad it is May already!
But it doesn't matter how much do I want to do this month's tasks, because I am in exam mode. This goes two ways, so who know how it all will end up: on one hand, I must study because I have my priorities straight (right?); on the other, the only think that makes me want to clean more than anything in the world is studying (procrastination at it's best! In fact, I should be studying now... and what am I doing? Talking about cleaning. So predictable!). If I manage to follow this month plan, prepare Oath's birthday (one year already! My, time sure flies by!) and pass all my exams, I'm going pass out of happiness.

So, back on track.

The facts:

  • My clothes need organizing. Badly. Specially because I no longer need five polar fleece jackets, and some more short sleeved T-shirts would be great to have on hand.
  • Partner's clothes are a mess, too!
  • But this month is full of things that need to be done: studies, birthday parties...

The plan:
  • First things first: season clothes switcharoo.
  • Organize my clothes.
  • Organize Partner's clothes (after all, I am the one who puts them away after folding, so I might as well know where should everything go!). I'll need his assistance on this one, so he knows where everything is, too.
  • That bit on the top of our small closet? Linens go there, and if I can organize them by bed-size, even better.
  • Towels should be rolled up and stacked at the bottom right, for easy access.
  • Organize under-the-bed storage.
  • Clean outside the window! I always forget this one, and then wonder why it doesn't look as clean as I know it should...
  • Review the plans, see what worked and what didn't. Post. 
I already did some things (like re-arranging the shelves and clearing the top of the dresser) before this month started, so it should be easy.

Wish me luck!

Oath's mom

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