Tuesday, October 2, 2012

State of house: war zone

No, I haven't disappeared.

Yes, I've had some hectic weeks and I'm in dire need of getting back into something close to a routine.

Just to let you know how bad it has been, a week ago I threw my towel and decided I'd rather live with the mess than try to keep up fighting it. I quit. I closed my eyes and overlooked it, wishing it didn't exist.
But, oh boy, how does it exist!

As getting back into routine at the beginning of September had been so easy it hadn't given me the opportunity to blog about it (really, I was just back and BAM!, everything fell back into place), I decided to document it now, while I discover how to do it.

 Right now, all the house is in the worst state I've ever seen it, full on war zone. Random things everywhere, strewn all over the place, even where they do not make one bit of sense. I've found socks (clean socks, mind you) in the kitchen!! I don't know how they got there, and I'm quite sure I don't want to know.
It's not only my fault, though, and I feel better knowing it. Partner has been very busy and stressed out, and that means that messes appear everywhere he goes (I do not think he is aware of it, but he's the Mess Father when he is busy. Fingers crossed Oath won't inherit/learn that from him!). And my brother-in-law chose this week to drop off about seven bags full of baby clothes... which I am thankful for, but I have no place to put them! I should muster the strength to go through them, separate the ones I know I won't ever use from the ones I might dress Oath in, and all those from the few I really like. Then divide the two latter by sizing, return the "I-don't-want-to-look-at-them-thank-you-very-much" ones,  put away the "maybe sometime..." ones on some boxes, and wash, fold the lovely ones and...

Conclusion? I'll never get to it. I'd better be a realist and admit that I will choose the few I like, wash them, and then get all stressed out because there's no place to put them and my brother-in-law won't take the rest back and OMG I CAN'T TRASH THEM OR MY INLAWS WOULD KILL US, WHAT DO I DO?
Roll up into a ball in a corner and cry for a while.

But sometime I'll have to get up and work. Baby clothes or usual messes, they have to be gone as soon as possible, so I'd better get working.

My first goal? Turning this war zone into a messy house. Then, we'll see.

I am back at square zero and there's so much work to do... let's do it!

Oath's Mom


  1. Good luck! A messy house = a blessed and busy life :) Sometimes just getting started again is the hardest part. I have a feeling your house isn't as bad as you probably think it might be.

    1. Thanks Jean! I am afraid it really was that bad this time, but now it is much better already!


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