Friday, February 1, 2013

February plan

February is here! Time for a new monthly plan for my Ready, steady, clean! 2013 plan.

This month that's just beginning is my kid's room month, so all my efforts will go towards that room in my home. Which, incidentally, is also our guest restroom, and my sister is coming towards the end of the month, so I have less than 28 days to turn it from a storage room into a decent bedroom!

The facts:
  • The kid's room is a mess because:
    • Oath sleeps in our room, so he's never used "his" room.
    • We have no dryer, and no clothesline outside, so the clothes rack lives in that room and is used constantly.
    • I still haven't stored all the clothes that Oath no longer fits in. So, they live on the guest bed, and on the unused desk there, and in the now no longer used pram... So, a mess of clothes is everywhere.
    • The stroller also lives there, because it has no place anywhere in the house... nor is there space to park it anywhere else. The joys of a small flat...
  • We need a guest bedroom soon enough!

The plan:
  • Store the kid's clothes and bring them to the storage room, or to my in-laws, or somewhere they do not add to the mess in this room.
  • While I'm at it, organize the clothes that still fit him and the next size, so the closet stops trying to spill its guts onto the room's floor.
  • Organize the other side of the closet, with all the shoes and suitcases and coats.
  • Get rid of the desk and all the things on it. At least, of the things on it.
  • Keep the laundry routine going, closing the clothes' rack if the clothes are dry and the next load is not ready. It does not solve the problem, but at least some days it will look like the problem does not exist.
  • Clean! Sweep, vacuum, mop, dust. While I am at it, clean the window too.
  • Change the bed sheets, and make the beds.
  • Review the plans, see what worked and what didn't. Post. 

What are your plans for this month?

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