Thursday, February 28, 2013

Oath's room clean-up: the table

Oh, that table... If you read the first part of this month's organization (or, more likely, clean-up) project, you have gotten a glimpse of the state of the table. I am not sure I am ready to show more than just that glimpse.

You see, this table was my desk back when there was only the two of us, Partner and I. I had my important files tray, my art supplies drawers, the colorful hanging folder for uni papers... Partner had his desk, as big as mine, on the other side of the room, with all his stuff. And then, we had to get rid of one of the desks to fit the bed in there, so we could have people over (I was pregnant and my family wanted to visit us). 
So all his stuff was moved over to my desk, and I started working on the living room instead of there, because there was so much stuff. And the stuff (are you tired of that word yet? Not as much as I am of seeing the actual stuff there!) just kept growing. Multiplying. I am quite sure it even bred.
And we got to the point we were then, were there was not a single square inch of free flat space on the table.

I was torn on whether I should clean it up completely and store it (it's only a board and two small sawhorses, nothing fancy) or keep it there but organized. So I just started cleaning, sorting and organizing as I went, as I did with the room.

And you know what?

It was easy. I had been dreading it until the last minute, and that made me wait until it was nearly too late, but once I got started it was a breeze. Fast and easy, as it happens most of the time.
Oh, well... Live and learn, eh?

Oath's Mom

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