Saturday, February 23, 2013

Oath's room clean-up

This month was the month I was supposed to tackle Oath's room, the worse room in the house, and turn it into a place where people could sleep without fear of being drowned by a random piece of clothing.

Do you want to see how it's going?

It went from this... this.

Step by step:

Can you see the difference? When I look at it now, I can't remember how bad it was, but when I look at the photos... wow! 

And I even organized Oath's closet!

It is not an amazing organization feat, but now I know where everything is (again. When he was born I knew it also, but 8 month os use hat turned the order into a chaos!): onesies, socks and bibs on the top drawer; t-shirts and trousers on the second drawer; pajamas and sweaters on the third; bed linens on the bottom one that does not open well. Towels in the basket with the plushies on top. Extra wipes on top of the mini-dresser, along with diapers, booties and hats. Extra shampoos, soaps, creams and the like, in the box. And on the space on the right there are extra diapers, the few too small clothes that I love and want to keep, and clothes he has to grow into. And an empty basket (this was before the treasure basket, so now it's no longer there).
Everything else is on hangers (coats, shirts...) along with my coats. Yes, I'm taking over the kid's closet...

See? I know! And that's the point of organizing, isn't it?

Now only the table (that mess of things on the back) is left. And then it will be time for someone to stay over!

Oath's mom


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