Saturday, February 16, 2013

The rainbow basket

After writing my post about the treasure basket, I headed out to buy some yarn. Multicolored, rainbowy yarn. I went for some cheap acrylic, as I knew that if I bought nice yarn for a crochet basket I'd end up feeling too guilty, and the basket would never be crocheted. I hadn't much hopes to find enough colors, as my previous experience is that the shop where I was going does not have many shads. But oh, was I proved wrong! The only one I could not find was navy blue, but that precious minty teal made up for it. And the orange... such a vibrant, lovely orange!

I started crocheting as soon as I arrived home, while Oath played with the basket. The first rows went by so fast! The circle was growing, and growing, and I was smiling more and more. It's amazing how colors can change our mood so much, isn't it?

I found out too late, though, that in my excitement I had made a mistake. Or, rather, a couple of them. The yarn band says it is a "sport grossa", what I (in my little experience) would call DK. I was working with a 7mm hook in US dc / UK trebles. And I was crocheting a basket. I am sure some of you can go where this is going, right?

It was floppy. The sides would not stay up at all, and fell in a very blankety fashion. Which would be very nice if it was a blanket, or a pillow, or something drapey. But not a basket. But I wasn't going to go back. It's work is containing all the little toys, not being really stiff, and I can live with falling basket walls. So, it is floppy still. Want to see?

And doing it was so simple! The most difficult thing was the border, and I'm not calling it difficult seriously. I remembered Lucy's (from Attic24) "Spot-on" border (at least, I think that's how she called it...), and tried to replicate it without searching again for the tutorial. It doesn't look quite the same, but I think it's pretty. And it's not going to be seen much, anyway, as I have to roll down the border in order to make the basket stand!

Ah, I love looking at it. It makes me so happy, now that winter feels long already but spring isn't here yet. Don't colors make you happy at this time of year?

Oath's Mom

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