My little Oath

When our son was born, we hadn't decided on a name yet. It took us some hours looking at his face and trying to figure what he looked like to finally decide. We choose a name than, in an ancient tongue, means Oath.

Our little oath.

We did not plan it this way, but his name is very fitting to our life now: an oath in the name of life between my partner and I, a promise of a future that we will work hard to fulfill. Something that has to become, and we will do all we can, and more, so it does.

My little Oath

In the name of life, and all that's holy, and sacred and true,
I swear to you, my sweetest baby, this little oath.

  That I will give my life, my all, to bring the best I have to you;
that I will live chasing the shadows just so you can have all the light.
That love will reign in our hearts, and love will fill our chests and hands.
That you will never be all alone, because I will always be by your side;
that I will carry you through the day, and hug you tightly all through the night.

I swear to you, my little boy, that I'm your mother and I'll give you life.

Oath's Mom

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